Rhossili: the Land, Landscape and People


An in-depth look at the history of Rhossili.

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This publication has been a labour of love for many years by the author, a native of the village of Rhossili.

It is a work with a huge time-span, from prehistory to the present, but with a focus on elements which make the landscape of Rhossili distinctive.

One of these is the Vile, a rare survivor of the medieval field system of strip farming. Other landscape elements explained in the book are also seen across Gower and similar parts of coastal Wales, such as the prehistoric cliff forts, quarries, limekilns and relics of World War II which dot the parish.

This landscape forms a magnificent backdrop to the human story which unfolds herein, a story of the dozen or so families – the Stotes, the Bydders, the Beynons, the Bevans and others – who made up a good part of the isolated community of Rhossili between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, until the village was transformed, like so many others, by the advent of the motor car and the modern world.

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