Rebuilding Swansea, 1941-1961


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Preliminary drawing for the proposed Kingsway, c.1944

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The aerial bombing of Swansea during the Second World War cast a long shadow over the town in the following decades. The worst damage was caused on the three nights of 19, 20 and 21 February 1941, a sustained series of air raids which became known as the Three Nights Blitz.

Although no industrial works were seriously affected by the bombing, the damage to Swansea’s town-centre infrastructure caused the face of the town to be transformed forever. For many years the natural shopping centre for the whole of south west Wales, the heart of Swansea became almost overnight a bleak townscape of ruins where once thriving shops and stores had stood.

As the Council struggled with deciding how its devastated shopping and commercial centre should be rebuilt, the issue became both contentious and complex. This book casts light on the key issues and the struggles that had to be overcome if Swansea’s civic pride was to be restored through building a shopping centre that was worthy of the town.

The book by author Dinah Evans, includes hitherto unpublished plans, drawings and paintings that epitomise the dream that many of the Council’s officers had for the new Swansea, as well as contemporary photographs from the period of reconstruction.

199 pages, hardback. Includes 43 b/w illustrations plus an 8 page colour insert.

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