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In 1852 the newly-created Swansea Local Board of Health commissioned a map of the town at the huge scale of 10 feet to a mile. From downpipes to doghouses and privies to piggeries, it shows the town in immense detail.

We have digitised the map and made it into this interactive resource CD. It will work with your internet browser to let you navigate around the map. You can zoom in to see each property in detail or out to view the whole town, and pan left, right, up and down.

Extra features include a street index to help you find streets and buildings named on the map, photographs and engravings of some of the places shown on the map that are not there any more, and a transcript of George Thomas Clark’s street-by-street survey of Swansea made in 1849. There is also a full account of how the map came to be made and what it tells us about Victorian Swansea.

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1 review for 1852 Swansea Local Board of Health Map – CD

  1. Jan Davies

    I love this map, I wanted to find out what Swansea looked like all those years ago and this map has so much detail in it. You can even see where the outside toilets were!

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